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Organic growing media for Lotus & Tropical Lilies

This briquette comprises dried and compressed organic cocopeat and coco husk chips.

These very attractive plants can be grown in controlled conditions in the UK. They require full sun during the flower season and water warmed by means of an aquarium heater. For this reason they are best grown in containers in a sunny position, without fish. They make an excellent feature on a patio or sunny balcony. The effort is rewarded with lilies in stunning colours - vivid blue being one of the most popular.

Re-hydration instructions are included on the label in words and pictures.

This compost is nutrient free. Slow release water lily nutrient tablets should be placed in the compost around the roots when planting up the basket. Cocopeat contains natural rooting hormones which help newly planted tubers to get established quickly. Since this product is soil-less and peat free, it may tend to float until fully saturated. Once your lotus or tropical lilies are planted, add 25-50 mm (1 to 2 inches) of coarse grade horticultural gravel (grit) to the surface of the basket to solve this problem.

TIP: If you are growing Lotus, the tips of tubers are vulnerable to damage if planted in baskets. To protect the growing tips of lotus tubers therefore, they should be planted in round pots or planters.


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