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Washed cocopeat + Coconut husk shell charcoal + Silica Rich Heat Treated Rice Husks
Our cocopeat has been matured for two years before processing. The first step is to remove excess fibres and then to wash it with FRESH WATER to reduce salt levels to below commercially accepted levels. Ours has an EC of <0.5 mS/cm which will stand any professional scrutiny. pH range is 5.8 to 6.5.
20% of the blend is horticultural charcoal. Our charcoal is made from the husk of the coconut, NOT RECYCLED WOOD that may have had a previous life with chemicals or paints and which may have been sourced from felled trees. Our charcoal is made to our specification. No coconut trees are felled and no pesticides are used in coconut culture. They just keep growing. There are many claims about the benefits of charcoal. Many are as yet unproven. We make just one claim that is universally accepted as true - it's great for drainage.
The silica in our heat-treated rice husks encourages cell production for strong plants.
Our charcoal and rice husks can be purchased separately.

Cocopeat has all the advantages of Peat Moss without the disadvantages.

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