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We are pleased to introduce this improved terrarium soil to our range. Since terrariums are closed environments it's very important to add charcoal to the mix to help keep the soil fresh. We use coconut husk shell charcoal so there are no environmental issues as with forest charcoal or wood which may have previously treated with chemicals or paints. To the best of our knowledge this is the only terrarium soil offered in the UK with coco husk shell charcoal.
Also, most plants used in planted terrariums and bottle gardens prefer a neutral, rather than acid pH soil. Since the base media for this mix is washed cocopeat (EC: <0.5 mS/cm) which as an acid pH of 5.8-6.5, we have added ORGANIC pH+, a new organic way of boosting pH from acid to neutral. It is comprised of rice husk ash. This product also contains silica and phosphate which helps your plants grow strong. Organic pH and charcoal can also be purchased separately from our eBay shop. The cocopeat in this mix contains natural rooting hormones to encourage fast development of new white roots in transplants.
Drainage is also important. Previously we used Perlite. But Perlite is not organic. Also, Perlite tends to drift to the top of the soil. As Perlite is white in colour, it spoils the look of the soil. The widely acclaimed organic alternative to Perlite is heat-treated rice husks. They perform in exactly the same way for good aeration and drainage, but do not rise to the surface and are a more natural colour, blending in with the soil.
Finally, we include crushed coco husk chips to further enhance the drainage properties.

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